Kentucky Car Shipping Service

Kentucky Car shipping service with Broadway Auto Transport.Trust us to ship your vehicle FROM / TO Kentucky to deliver your car safely to its destination.

Broadway Auto Transport is a top rated car transport management company, located in New York.

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The best auto shipping company in Kentucky

Kentucky residents have long been automobile enthusiasts. Maybe you want to add a new car to your collection, maybe you're about to move to another state, or maybe you want to gift a loved one a car from a Kentucky car factory. In such cases, you definitely need a car delivery service, and you can entrust this responsibility to the Broadway Auto Transport shipping company with complete confidence. Because this company has served in the field for more than 10 years, it delivers 350 or 400 cars a day to their destination on time and has earned the trust of customers.

Transport your car TO / FROM Kentucky

Broadway Auto Transport Shipping Company is licensed for all types of services and will quickly deliver your car to its destination. Serving 50 interstates, this company has earned the trust of thousands of customers. If you need the services of qualified personnel with 10 years of experience, do not hesitate to contact the Broadway Auto Transport shipping company. It is no problem for us to deliver any kind of vehicle to or from Kentucky, especially sports cars, motorcycles, trucks, luxury cars, and classic cars, to their destination with special services.

How can I get free estimates for Kentucky auto shipping services?

You've decided to ship your car to another destination with the Broadway Auto Transport shipping company in Kentucky, and now you're wondering who to contact for this oil. It's not difficult; you can easily solve this problem in a few minutes by just using the website and phone numbers +1 917 594 55 66 created for customers. Our competent and knowledgeable staff, experts in their field, are ready to serve you 24/7 and answer all your questions. When filling out the website, you will be asked for several pieces of information: your car model, full details of the destination and pick-up address, the type of service, and other additional information about your car.

How much does Kentucky car shipping cost?

Broadway Auto Transport is a company that sets prices for services while always keeping in mind the principles of goodwill towards its customers. But there are other factors that affect prices:

  • Total road distance
  • Pick-up and delivery address
  • Seasonal changes
  • Specific characteristics of vehicles
  • Trailer type (open-enclosed)
  • Fuel price

If you have a period of financial shortage, it is advisable to use a simple open trailer service. If you are looking for the service of transporting your luxury car or classic car to another destination, an enclosed trailer is the right type of service for you.

How long does it take to deliver a car FROM / TO Kentucky?

The actual time is hard to predict, but it most likely depends on the length of the distance you provide via the web page. For example, if you want us to deliver your car from the center of Kentucky to New York City, then the distance is 938.83 km and takes about 13 hours. 16 minutes, there will be expenses on the way. Factors affecting the arrival period:

  • Changes in weather
  • Seasonal difficulties
  • Road structure
  • Traffic jams

Transit time and scheduled stops are not included in the total travel time

Explore Our State to State Transportation Services

To stay ahead of the competition, we deliver any kind of transports for your needs. Get instant car shipping quote and ship your vehicle with our car transport service.

Time Saving
Faster Delivery
Multiple vehicle
There may be various reasons to ship a car across country. Whether you are relocating to another state, process may seem difficult for you. However, no worries! We are here to help you. 
Multiple Vehicle Transport
Our open trailer auto shipping services are painstakingly designed to offer you a smooth and safe journey, guaranteeing that your car gets to its destination with the best possible care and efficiency.
Time Saving
Experienced team
When you need professional motorcycle shipping services at an affordable price, Broadway Auto Transport can help. Clicking the button below, you can get quote from Broadway Auto Transport.
Enhanced Protection
Weather Resistance
There are many options to choose, when it comes to ship your car across states. However, if you want to ship your car with the most safely option, we advise you to choose our enclosed auto transport service. Enclosed trailer is generally used, if you intend to ship a brand new car, a classic car, or a collectable
No Terminal Hassle
Reduced Stress
We pick up your car directly from your doorstep and deliver it safely to your desired destination, across the USA. Enjoy convenience and peace of mind as our experienced drivers handle the logistics.
Full insurance coverage
Reduced Stress
Sometimes, you have to transport your vehicle as soon as possible. Expedited car shipping service is a specific auto transport service with tight pick-up and delivery dates
Time Saving
Experienced team
Our services include connection shippers with qualified transport companies around states who have years of experience in shipping heavy equipment along with other heavy machinery and oversize load.
Time Saving
Experienced team
When it comes to shipping a boat, every customer want the safest transport at the best rate. We will help you figure out how to transport a boat, our quotes always at the best rates, and give you tips on preparing your boat for transport.

Car shipping in easy 3 steps with Broadway Auto Transport

Our team has gone the extra mile for convenience, speed, and seamless delivery of your vehicle where and when you need it.

Booking Process
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Set a delivery date
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Preparation and Pick up
Inspect the vehicle with the carrier
Record all damage and take photos
Hand over the keys and documents
Delivery Completion
Oversee the unloading process
Inspect the vehicle for any damages
Payment Completion

Frequently Asked Questions

We have been providing car shipping services across the United States for 10 years, and our experts are ready to help you get your vehicle moved right now

Is Broadway Auto Transport is legit?

Broadway Auto Transport is authorized by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) for auto transport services. We are licensed, bonded and fully-insured company, having access over all 50 states in the US

How to get a quote for car shipping?

In order to get a free quote from our professional car transport coordinator, you have to fill out the form or call +1 917 594 55 66. In form, you have to specify the location you are transporting from and to, the type of vehicle you want to ship, and the date your vehicle will be ready.

How many days it take to deliver my vehicle?

The delivery time for your transport is depends on the distance between the pickup and drop-off location. In general, drivers move 500 miles daily, if your shipping distance is 1,500 miles it could took 2-3 days to transit your vehicle.

What if I am busy and cannot accept the car at drop-off location?

It not a problem, you have to call someone to accept your car. That person needs to sign final inspection. Do not forget, the person you called have to be over the age 18.

Do you guarantee a pick up/delivery date?

Actually, Not. However, we provide very accurate pickup and delivery dates. We request a 3-4 day range for most populated areas and a 5-6 day range for uncommon regions when working on your order.

Does the size of the vehicle matter for shipping?

Of course, yes. The size of the vehicle being shipped is of very important when calculating your car shipping cost. An oversized vehicle transport service is needed if the vehicle is too large for a regular car shipper.

Can I transport an inoperable vehicle?

Yes, we provide shipping services for inoperable vehicles also. That said, your car should still roll, steer and break properly. Please, make sure you call to our auto transport coordinator in case your car is inoperable.

Can I ship my personal items in the car?

Yes, you can ship to 100 lbs. in the trunk or cargo space of the car. Items should be placed to a single box or suitcase. However, if you would like to ship more personal items, you have to provide the estimated weight of the items and we will provide you with an all-inclusive price. Nevertheless, do not forget that insurance do not cover personal items in the vehicle.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

Price depends on several factors:

  • Year, make and model of your vehicle
  • Vehicle type (SUV, Sedan, Pickup truck, ATV, Motorcycle, Boat, Van, Heavy equipment and etc.)
  • Condition of a vehicle (operable or inoperable)
  • Pick-up and delivery locations
  • Pick-up date (Season)

Transport options (it may be open or enclosed trailer)