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Broadway Auto Transport is a top rated car transport management company, located in New York. As we have 10-year experience in the field of vehicle shipping sphere.

Car Transport Service

Car Transport Service

Car Transport Service

There may be various reasons to ship a car across country. Whether you are relocating to another state, traveling for a week, purchasing a car, need to ship your car for another reason, overall, when it comes to transporting your vehicle, process may seem difficult for you. However, no worries! We are here to help you. Read the informative article and just enjoy it!

Advantages of shipping your car for a distance

When it comes to ride a car to another state or just simply transport it with professional auto transport company, you may have some questions. Why to choose the second option?

Reasons to choose us for vehicle transportation service

  • To save your time
  • To transport multiple vehicle
  • To save money
  • To save your energy
  • To save life time of your lovely car
  • Eco-friendly transporting

Types of auto transport services

When you finally decided to ship your vehicle, than you have choose one of options to transport with enclosed or open shipping.

An open-trailer car shipping is exactly how it sounds. Open-trailer means that the trailer does not have external coverage to shield your vehicle. Most open-trailers are long, two-tier trailers that are fit for all car types. This form of carrier is the best choice for any used vehicles or standard vehicle models to ship cheaper and faster.

Pros of open-trailer car transport

  • Much faster deliver
  • Reasonable prices
  • More flexible
  • Eco-friendly

In enclosed-trailer, your vehicle is inside of it and it has barriers covering your vehicle. Enclosed carriers can be various styles, such as multi car carriers, single or double auto carriers. If you want to choose a single or double car transporter, understand that it will be significantly more expensive, as drivers are less inclined to want to transport a single vehicle and have to compensate for the loss of a multi-car shipment. Enclosed car carriers are often used for luxury, antique, or custom-made vehicles, which is also a reason in why these carriers are more expensive.

Pros of enclosed car transport

  • Strong protection against external damages
  • Protection from road debris

When it comes to factors to determine price of quote, we provided below:

Exact pick-up and delivery locations
The model of vehicle
Trailer type: enclosed or open

Choosing a transport company for car shipping service

When you decided of car shipping option (enclosed or open-trailer), you need a company that specializes in transporting vehicles across the United States. However, there is many of these companies and they all have different standards and services. All of the conflicting information makes it difficult to determine the right company for the job.

We are providing some tips you have to take in count when you are choosing a company to ship your vehicle:

Price of the quote

The first thing you have to look into when you are choosing for auto transport companies is their prices. More expensive price does not necessarily equal better quality service and you do not want to overpay for services either. It also gives a chance to look at what types of discounts they are giving. In addition, quote should be free and instant!

Range of services offered

Another factor that you have to be looking at is exactly what sorts of services the company offers. Not every car shipping company offers the same exact services. A professional auto transport company will offer short distance, long-distance, cross-country, and even corporate vehicle transport.


You must to be sure that when your vehicles on the process to get to destination. Auto shipping company should take measures to ensure that your vehicle gets there without any problem. In this case, you have to ask them for insurance to ship your car.

Reputation of a company

This is one of the main criteria when choosing an auto transport company for your business. All of the conflicting information makes it strenuous to determine the right company for the job. However, reviews do not lie, so read on to learn what to look for when looking at reviews for auto transport companies. Best platforms to check the reviews of auto transport companies are Google, Mymovingreviews, Transportreviews and BBB.

Hire the best car shipping company today

The car shipping company you hired for job needs all of these qualities to be considered the best. It does not matter how far you need your car shipping. If an auto transport company is missing one of these qualities, then they are not the one which whom you have to work with.

This is why you have to trust Broadway Auto Transport. We have been providing car shipping services across the United States for 10 years, and our experts are ready to help you get your vehicle moved right now.

Car shipping in easy 3 steps with Broadway Auto Transport
Get a free quote and book your order:

In order to get through the first step, you have to get a quote and book your order. By clicking here, and filling out our customized form with your vehicle shipping details, or contacting, you can get a quote in a few minutes from one our professional agents.

In a form, you have to enter pick-up and delivery locations, vehicle information like its year, make and model, condition of the vehicle, transport type, and first available pick-up date.

We pick up your vehicle:

The appointed driver for your vehicle shipping will contact you a few hours before to pick up your car. He or She will confirm some details of pick up. The driver should be sure that the location is safe and legal for a large commercial vehicle. If it is not, do not worry about it, it is easy to find alternative arrangements like a parking lot or a wider street nearby.

Get a free quote and book your order:

The car transport carrier will get in touch a few hours before they make their delivery. They like to give you a few hours' notices so you can make sure you are available. If you are not, it is not a problem. Simply you can call someone to accept your car at the drop-off location, after that together with the driver, you or a person you nominated will inspect your vehicle upon delivery, and the driver will be paid the remaining balance at this time. We will then contact you to confirm everything went