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Enclosed Auto Transport Shipping

Enclosed Auto Transport Shipping

Enclosed Auto Transport Shipping

There are many options to choose, when it comes to ship your car across states. However, if you want to ship your car with the most safely option, we advise you to choose our enclosed auto transport service. Enclosed trailer is generally used, if you intend to ship a brand new car, a classic car, or a collectable. Enclosed auto carriers can often only ship a few cars simultaneously, in most cases, up to seven vehicles

Why choose enclosed car transport over other options?

We provide many service options when you want to transport your vehicle, but enclosed car transport is best option if your car is so valuable for you. It means your car may be a sports car, classic, luxury, antique vehicle, or have a custom or unique paint job.

Here some pros of enclosed trailer

  • Extraordinary protection from weather elements such as rain, hail, sun, snow
  • Protection from road debris
  • More experienced drivers
  • Higher value of insurance
  • Nevertheless, if you want to transport a standard car, we recommend you choose open trailer auto shipping.

Cost of enclosed auto shipping

Enclosed car shipping service costs are calculated the same as open trailer car shipping, but additionally 30-40% added for high protection service for your vehicle. However, some factors determine the fundamentally enclosed car transport cost:

  • Type and size of vehicle

Smaller cars are easier to ship, which reduces the cost of shipping

  • Transportation period

If you need urgent car shipping, price will be higher

  • Distance of shipping

Price is cheaper when shipping provides in closer destination

  • Trailer type

There are two main option for trailer types: open and enclosed trailer. Open trailer car shipping costs less than enclosed one. But when it comes to safety, enclosed trailer is incompatible.

  • Pick up and drop off locations

In most cases, cost of shipping is much lower when the route of the shipping is between highly populated spots.

When does enclosed car transport shine?

The decision between enclosed and open auto transport often boils down to the specific needs of your car and the level of security it requires. Enclosed car transport emerges as the best option in various scenarios:

  • Luxury and Expensive Automobiles

Customized Security: Enclosed auto transport offers enhanced protection against road debris, unfavorable weather, and other external factors for owners of luxury, antique, or high-value vehicles.

  • Exotic and Vintage Automobiles

Preservation of Rarity: During transit, enclosed transportation serves as a barrier against the weather, protecting exotic or vintage automobiles' flawless condition and uniqueness.

  • Long-Distance Transit

Increased Road Security: Enclosed car transit adds an extra degree of security to long-distance travel by guarding against potential vandalism, severe weather, and road debris.

Different types of enclosed shipping options

Commonly, two types of enclosed trailer used to ship cars:

  • Single Enclosed Car Trailers

These types of enclosed trailers ship only one vehicle simultaneously. This way of is common used for vehicles that are a luxury car or motorcycle, high end make or model, or another type of valuable auto. This single car trailer is one of the safest and most secure types of shipping a car.

  • Multi-Car Enclosed Trailer

A multi-car enclosed trailer can ship more than one vehicle and the trailer often comes as a double decker where two levels of vehicles can be placed. As well as single enclosed car trailer, multi-car enclosed trailer reserved for expensive vehicles, high-end make.

  • Some Reasons Why Enclosed Trailer Is More Expensive

When you get a quote and see price of enclosed car shipping, after comparing the rates with open auto shipping services, you probably got that enclosed auto transport little more expensive. We provided some reasons for why enclosed auto shipping is more expensive than open trailer shipping.

  • Number of enclosed trailer

The first reason is the lack of enclosed trailer shippers. Most vehicle shippers are open trailer car transporters and sometimes it is little bit difficult to find enclosed trailer to ship a car.

  • Cost of enclosed trailer to buy for new companies

Most of the drivers who ship cars own their own trailers and open trailers are significantly cheaper to buy than enclosed trailers. Due to the difference on price, there are fewer enclosed carriers available.

  • Number of shipping vehicles at one time

Enclosed trailer carriers ship less number of vehicles than open trailer shippers. This means that even if a customer pays a more for shipment with enclosed trailer, shipping companies are making less money because fewer vehicles can be loaded for transportation simultaneously.

Comparing open and enclosed auto transport

Open Auto Transport

✔️ Cost-Effective Solution
Open auto transport stands out for its budget-friendly nature. This makes it a practical choice for everyday vehicles and routine transport needs.
❌ Exposure to Elements
Vehicles transported via open carriers are exposed to the elements, including weather conditions, road debris, and other environmental factors.
✔️ Widespread Availability
The prevalence of open carriers contributes to their affordability and widespread availability. This option is commonly used for standard vehicle shipments.
❌ Visible Transport
Cars on open carriers are visible to the public during transit, which might be a concern for owners of high-value or exclusive vehicles.

Enclosed Auto Transport

✔️ Maximum Protection
Enclosed transport provides unparalleled shielding from weather, debris, and potential damage. This makes it ideal for luxury, exotic, or high-value vehicles.
❌ Higher Cost
The enhanced protection and specialized handling of enclosed transport come at a higher cost compared to open transport. This premium service is reflected in the pricing.
✔️ Privacy and Security
Covered carriers offer a private and secure environment, concealing your vehicle from prying eyes. It is often preferred for maintaining privacy and security for valuable automobiles.
Limited Availability
The specialized nature of enclosed carriers might lead to limited availability, affecting scheduling flexibility.
Car shipping in easy 3 steps with Broadway Auto Transport
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In order to get through the first step, you have to get a quote and book your order. By clicking here, and filling out our customized form with your vehicle shipping details, or contacting, you can get a quote in a few minutes from one our professional agents.

In a form, you have to enter pick-up and delivery locations, vehicle information like its year, make and model, condition of the vehicle, transport type, and first available pick-up date.

We pick up your vehicle:

The appointed driver for your vehicle shipping will contact you a few hours before to pick up your car. He or She will confirm some details of pick up. The driver should be sure that the location is safe and legal for a large commercial vehicle. If it is not, do not worry about it, it is easy to find alternative arrangements like a parking lot or a wider street nearby.

Get a free quote and book your order:

The car transport carrier will get in touch a few hours before they make their delivery. They like to give you a few hours' notices so you can make sure you are available. If you are not, it is not a problem. Simply you can call someone to accept your car at the drop-off location, after that together with the driver, you or a person you nominated will inspect your vehicle upon delivery, and the driver will be paid the remaining balance at this time. We will then contact you to confirm everything went