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Broadway Auto Transport is a top rated car transport management company, located in New York. As we have 10-year experience in the field of vehicle shipping sphere.

Open Trailer Car Shipping

Open Trailer Car Shipping

Open Trailer Car Shipping

Are you prepared to travel your beloved car throughout the huge American countryside in a hassle-free manner? There's nowhere else to look! Our open trailer auto shipping services are painstakingly designed to offer you a smooth and safe journey, guaranteeing that your car gets to its destination with the best possible care and efficiency.

What is open transport car shipping?

open trailer auto shipping

Open auto transport is a service as it called, your car will be shipped on a trailer, which is not covered. With open car shipping service, your vehicle is usually shipped on two-level trailers, which often can handle up to nine vehicles simultaneously. Open car  transport is a good option to ship vehicles, especially standard models or used cars.

Why to choose open car shipping?

When it comes to choose options for your auto transport, generally you have two main options: Open trailer auto shipping and enclosed car shipping.

Here, the reasons why you would like to book an open trailer car transport

  • Quick Service

As we mentioned above, open auto transport is the quickest way to ship your vehicle. More than 90% of trailers are an open auto transport trailer and they move nine cars at a time, which means there are significantly more options to ship your trailer.

  • Cost efficient service

Some customer are just looking for the best rate when transporting a vehicle. In most cases, classic or unique car owners prefer to book enclosed auto transport service. Nevertheless, if you are looking for the best bang for your buck, open auto transport is the way to go.

  • Includes door to door shipping

When we give you a free quote, it includes door to door car shipping service. Which means you can just choose nearest location and just call us to ship your car for your need.

  • Insurance coverage

If you are worried about your car shipping insurance, you can be calm with our services. Our car shipping carriers holds up from $100,000 up to $250,000 cargo insurance.

When we recommend open trailer auto shipping and when we do not


  • Everyday commutes and family moves: Open auto shipping becomes a wise option if you're travelling across the nation or need to move many family cars. Its affordability makes it the perfect choice for regular moves because it allows you to move your cars without breaking the bank.
  • Dealership transfers and auctions: Open trailer vehicle transport is more common among dealerships who participate in auctions or inventory transfers. The capacity to move several cars in one journey lowers expenses and simplifies administrative procedures.
  • Standard vehicle types: Standard vehicle types, such as sedans and SUVs, are particularly well-suited for open auto shipment. Open transport auto shipping is a trustworthy and reasonably priced choice if you don't require the additional security of an enclosed container for your vehicle.

Not recommended

Of course, open trailer auto shipping suits many people but there are occasions when it is not the recommended for car shipping service. If you are the proud owner of a custom, classic, vintage, antique, luxury, or high-end vehicle, for example, we would recommend you option for enclosed car shipping.

Open vs. Enclosed Car Transport

open trailer car shippingEnclosed Car Transport

  • Regarding costs: The affordability of open trailer transport is one of its main benefits. While enclosed transport offers enhanced protection, it comes at a higher price. If your vehicle doesn't demand the extra shield, why incur additional expenses?
  • Vehicle exposure: Your car is exposed to weather, dirt, and dust during open carrier car transportation. However, this exposure usually has little effect on typical automobiles that do not have any particular weaknesses. When your car is used for regular trips or as a daily driver, the open transit option works quite well.
  • Specialized protection vs. practicality: Enclosed carriers offer specific protection for high-end or antique cars that need extra attention. If this applies to your car, covered transit may be the better option. On the other hand, open trailer auto shipment provides a dependable and affordable substitute for useful, daily vehicles.

In the realm of auto transportation, the decision between open and enclosed transport hinges on your specific needs and preferences. Our open trailer car shipping services strive to strike the perfect balance between practicality and cost-effectiveness, ensuring your vehicle reaches its destination safely and punctually. Opt for the freedom of the open road with our trustworthy, efficient, and economical open transport car shipping services. Your vehicle's journey is poised to become an exciting adventure!

Car shipping in easy 3 steps with Broadway Auto Transport
Get a free quote and book your order:

In order to get through the first step, you have to get a quote and book your order. By clicking here, and filling out our customized form with your vehicle shipping details, or contacting, you can get a quote in a few minutes from one our professional agents.

In a form, you have to enter pick-up and delivery locations, vehicle information like its year, make and model, condition of the vehicle, transport type, and first available pick-up date.

We pick up your vehicle:

The appointed driver for your vehicle shipping will contact you a few hours before to pick up your car. He or She will confirm some details of pick up. The driver should be sure that the location is safe and legal for a large commercial vehicle. If it is not, do not worry about it, it is easy to find alternative arrangements like a parking lot or a wider street nearby.

Get a free quote and book your order:

The car transport carrier will get in touch a few hours before they make their delivery. They like to give you a few hours' notices so you can make sure you are available. If you are not, it is not a problem. Simply you can call someone to accept your car at the drop-off location, after that together with the driver, you or a person you nominated will inspect your vehicle upon delivery, and the driver will be paid the remaining balance at this time. We will then contact you to confirm everything went